Sonikku Baker
Sonikku Baker

Full Name:

Sonikku Daisuke Baker



Sonikku Baker is Seneth's younger brother and the quickest boy in the world. He has the title of being called "Speed Walker". He is a fifteen year old, a laid-back teenager, and the second person to have powers. He has the speed to go at least faster than the speed of sound (768 mph and much faster than even Mach 1).


Sonikku has the title of "Speed Walker" because of his fast speed. He has powers when he was at least 2 years old. He is the second person in his family to gain powers, him and his brother have different powers, Seneth has the power to change the carbon to his skin as hard as diamond, as a result almost impossible to injure. Sonikku has the power to run faster than the sound of speed.


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