Seth MacFarlane's Madness Combat is a parody of the Madness Combat series by the Newgrounds animator Krinkles. The series is basicaly like the original series, only almost all characters from all three of Seth MacFarlane's series' (Family Guy, The Cleavland Show, and American Dad!) are staring in it instead.


  • Hank J. Wimbleton - Stewie Griffin
  • Sanford - Rallo Tubbs
  • Deimos - Steve Smith
  • Jesus - Brian Griffin
  • Tricky - Roger Smith
  • The Auditor - Ernie the Giant Chicken
  • Sheriff - Joe Swanson
  • Mag Agent: Torture: Peter Griffen
  • Mag Agent: V2: Glenn Quagmire
  • Mag Agent: V3/Ducky: Unknown (Face is covered by visor/Possibly Cleavland Brown Jr.)
  • Mag Agent: V4: Cleavland Brown
  • Hot dog Vender: Mort Goldman
  • Others: Random Civilians

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