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Pawtucket Brewery


Unnamed, unseen kids in "Underage Peter"

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Mark Hentemann

Opie is a drunken retard who works across the desk from Peter at the Pawtucket Brewery. Everything he says is loud, inaudible noise, but somehow, he manages to always one-up Peter at his job.


In "Jungle Love", Angela introduced Opie to Peter as his superior. Peter had trouble understanding Opie and even more trouble following orders, given the weird nature of all of them. For instance, Opie would ask Peter to stick his finger in his mouth, just so he could bite it. When Peter complained to Angela, she simply dismissed it and says "Although she doesn't understand Opie's workstyle, she still allows him to go through with it. After all, he does get his work done."

In "Whistle While Your Wife Works", Opie watched Peter and Lois have sex in the office. The only reason he didn't snitch is because he was aroused by it.

In "Chick Cancer", Peter told dark/offensive jokes to a group of his friendly co-workers, including Opie. Apparently, Peter had sealed wounds with Opie and now saw him as a friend, rather than "that jerk who works at his job". Perhaps Peter's reasons for forgiveness, was because in his previous appearance, he was so chill with him saving sex with his wife on the job.

In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz", Angela disallowed Peter to practice his Fonzie religion at work, despite allowing Opie to practice his bizarre and compltely random religion.

In "Long John Peter", Peter brought his parrot to work, and it landed on Opie's head, trying to eat the protruding lock of hair on his head, believing it to be a worm or something. Opie screeched and flailed about, while that darn parrot just attacked him like mad.

In "Peterotica", he was one of the customers to buy Peter's tape.

In "Trading Places", Chris was working Peter's job and understood Opie. He was shocked and disturbed, because apparently Opie's inaudible blabber was really a racist joke.

In "New Kidney in Town", Peter made a shout out to him on The Price is Right.

In "The Blind Side", Opie got fired for masturbating on the job and his role was replaced with a deaf girl, named Stella.

In "Save the Clam", it was shown that despite recently getting fired, he still keeps in touch with Peter, as he was a member of his softball team.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Angela seems to be the only one who can understand him and she berates those who don't.
  • We wears two different shoes on each foot.
  • In the episode "Underage Peter", it was revealed that his reason for acting so stupid is because of him being constantly drunk. When he was forced to be sober, due to an alcohol ban, he spoke very clearly and exhibited a very intellectual personality.
  • His reasons for his physical deviatons are still unknown.
  • The reason for his odd hairstyle, however, is because he had a haircut that went horribly wrong.

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