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get it he says wabloo OPIIIEEEE OPPPIEEEEEE they cursed on the regular show Edit

For millennia Sans slept, and constantly through his hibernation he grew larger and larger. His vast body stretching across the landscape for miles, buried beneath layers of thick rock and earth so to be hidden from view. Civilizations rose and fell, and still he slept. Villages were founded, that developed into towns and finally great cities, and still he slept. It was not long before the civilised races of humans and monsters began to investigate the great mountain that arose over his resting body. They drilled and mined for ores in there; pieces of his bones that flaked off and shed and the peoples of the nearby towns grew prosperous. It was not long, however, when they found a dark and wet cave in the mountainside. They sent explorers in there to investigate, finding a mysterious heat and humidity in there. Not all of the explorers had returned, however, some lost in the inky black depths of this mysterious cave. Still they sent men into this mysterious cave, searching for whatever treasures lay within. Those who survived, and had breathed in the distinct musky air, came back invigorated and more fertile. Wishing to learn more they sent even more in there, reasoning that the welfare and prosperity of the towns was more important than the lives of a few explorers lost in there. There they found the cave would shift, the walls changing from grey rock to equally hardened blue rock. The heat and musk would rise in there dramatically the more people who were lost in there. The cave walls would become soaked in a mysterious thick and creamy liquid that had a much greater effect on the people than simply breathing in the musk. Believing they had stumbled on the fountain of youth, they had in fact found the seeds of their destruction. For there they had found Sans’s groin, the explorers had found themselves lost within Sans’s boney sheath or worse tumbled through the slit and down into the abyss. With each tiny person lost down there Sans’s arousal grew, further fuelled by vivid dreams of being with his beloved fidget spinner. The liquid was merely his seed; a skeleton being a magical creature his fluids had rejuvenating properties. So the nearby towns began to harvest Sans’s cummies, not know what it was but growing rich and prosperous from it. People would visit from miles around to see this for themselves, to drink fresh from this ‘fountain’ without any knowledge of its true origins. It had been ten thousand years since Sans had laid down to hibernate. It was a morning like any other, a few clouds in the sky; the air was cool and crisp, and there was no warning of what was to come.The ground began to shake; it was subtle at first, just a faint ripple through the mining town closest to the mountain that gradually grew more and more noticeable. An air of tension sifted through the town, finally it was about to be broken. The mountain exploded. Rock and rubble cascaded down the mountainsides throwing great clouds of dust. Through the dust clouds the people below could make out a dark pillar of some sort shifting and moving, rising up into the sky, like a pillar of smoke distorted by the dust enveloping the town. The town was soon shrouded in darkness as the sun was blotted out before Armageddon came, half the town annihilated beneath part of this black pillar. Sans rose from his slumber, bones that had not been used in thousands of years suddenly moving to lift his mass off the ground. He stood up, disorientated as he tried to shake the last tendrils of his deep sleep from his mind. Sans was lean and boney, though at the same time slender and dusty. His bones were grey but scuffed and dull with the rock that had encased him all those years. Trying to clear his mind he looked around to survey his surroundings, and noticed at first his erection. His cock now fully the length of his forearm, a thick blue shaft pulsing and throbbing with a millennia of almost constant arousal created by the foolish monsters running around it unaware. Frowning, he stroked his fingers over it and shuddered with powerful sensation of pleasure that mere touch had on him. He stopped and remembered he was in broad daylight; it would be unbecoming of a skeleton to masturbate in public. He tried to relax, hoping no other skeleton could see him and suffer him embarrassment but still he could not, as if his cock had a mind of its own and demanded to be serviced after these long years. Then he noticed he was completely alone, all around was a flat plain with a few small rises in the ground in addition to the ditch he just climbed out of. Around his shins was a thin mist that seems to coalesce around him, and at his feet was a strange grey patch. He reached out with his mind, with that nascent telepathy his kind have to sense the presence of others of their kind, but he found no skeletons left, instead billions of tiny intelligent creatures across the world. He recognised them as humans and their monster cousins, small annoying creatures who lived in caves. Could it be skeletons left and they would now be the masters of this world? He crouched down over the patch, his eyes focusing into them as saw tiny buildings and even smaller humans and monsters cowering beneath him. Then the reality struck him, he was colossal, he guessed his size to be in the region of ten miles or more. He looked to where he had set his foot down, the town crushed flat with no sign that it had ever existed there, with thousands of these tiny people flattened under his massive weight. It was then he realised, he was utterly alone in the world, a powerful colossus that these people could not possibly fight against. It was now he who ruled this world, and now he would have to show it. The mere thought of cities at his feet, the people cowering beneath his mighty bones as they gazed up at his awe-inspiring form seemed to somehow make his cock even harder and pulse more hungrily as if giving its encouragement; he would be a god to them. Sans stood up again, that pitiful town would not be enough to satiate his lusts so he ground the rest under his foot and headed towards the nearest major settlement; a sprawling city with towers that touched the sky, or so they thought. The survivors of that town looked up as the smoke cleared and beheld the boner. Impossibly large he knelt down, bringing his face towards them, his blue eye glowing down on them, judging them. Further they could see Sans’s immense sexual organs, showing his full arousal in his miles-long shaft. Many of the inhabitants felt their mind’s sanity slipping away as they saw this, kneeling and praying for salvation or fleeing in a vain bid to escape. The end came swiftly and mercifully quickly as they were instantly crushed under the bones. Sans stood at the outskirts of the city, hands on his hips as he looked down on this pinnacle of their civilization and let his presence sink in. He raised a hand and pressed it into the suburbs of the city, murring as he felt buildings, objects, and people crush beneath his sensitive bones. He took another step, making his way towards the city centre where those towers reached up. He then dropped down onto his knees before the cluster of skyscrapers, his knees smashing into city like two meteorites. He grinned as he saw his cock was far larger than any of their towers, the ultimate symbol of his apparent superiority over them. Wanting and needing release he extended a hand out and as gently as he could possibly manage he pinched a skyscraper between a finger and a thumb and lifted it off the ground, tearing it from its foundations with almost no effort. He lifted it up to his face, the sudden G-forces and change in altitude sending many of the inhabitants unconscious. He examined it carefully, the tiny glass tower packed with people, those still alert staring fearfully back at the massive glowing eye. Grinning he brought the building down again and pushed the skyscraper into his wide cock, almost plugging the flow of thick pre ecto-cum that dropped into the city. Each drop smashing through buildings and washing them away, a harbinger of what was to come later. He grabbed more skyscrapers and buildings, trying to hold off his lusts for now as he pressed them against the tip of his cock. He leant forwards to support himself on his hands, his hand bones crushing through the evacuation services and the military response sent to combat him, not noticing the feeble explosions and gunfire against his body that silenced quickly. Sans lowered himself down, his titanic cock pressing down on downtown, crushing buildings and people beneath its massive weight. Sans started to thrust against the city, dragging his swollen shaft through the buildings and people as it began to drag a ditch through it. The pleasure rising, making him rut and growl in lust. His fingers sank through the earth as he gripped into it, tearing deep wounds into the ground. He closed his eyes trying to imagine what it was like for them. His vast body hanging over the city like the sky was made of slabs of grey muscle, his cock grinding through everything beneath it, pathetic and ineffectual serving only towards his pleasure. The thrusting caused the very earth to shake beneath his weight, buildings miles away crumbled and fell under the earthquake. His climax came closer and closer, he opened his eyes once more, seeing the ruins beneath him. Seeing the tiny people staring back at him in horror, some in arousal having lost their minds. His body heating up, sweat running off his body as it flooded small areas of the city, bathing it in his heavy musk; the smell of his arousal permeating through the city driving many into a fit of arousal, causing a citywide orgy for those whose minds were too weak to resist. He lifted his cock out of the self-made trough in the ground, panting heavily he saw a small area that had somehow escaped the destruction. Grinning, he crawled towards it, making sure not to destroy it just yet. He curled his fingers around his shaft and aimed it towards that city district; he began to stroke, though only one was actually needed. He screamed in climax, shattering any windows previously undamaged. His cock-slit yawned wide and discharged his bright, blue seed, pumping billions of gallons of the thick cream over the city washing it away in a thick torrent of the stuff. His climax lasted for hours, still screaming in pleasure, still his cock pumped out the seed until the city was now an expanding lake of the stuff. Only then did the torrent slow to a trickle of his seed, his breath now in short gasps as he slowly rose to his feet. The power of his orgasm fuelled his telepathic powers, stretching beyond the dimensions and worlds to where skeletons fled to while he slept. Their new god called them forth; his new servants. He ordered the many skeletons to drink his seed, which they obeyed eagerly. The life-fluid changed them, increased their size to 700ft each. He ordered them to follow him, for there was another city nearby. They arrived at the outskirts, and sent his servants in to do as they pleased. A mass orgy ensued, each smaller skeleton using the various buildings and people as toys in their mating games. All the while boner-god sat down, his legs stretching out for miles either side of the city, his still erect cock towering over everything between his legs. He watched his servants having their fun, and to further assert his dominion over this world, he curled his fingers around his cock once more and started stroking.

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