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Jonathan Lawson
Full name

Jonathan James Lawson



  • Vice-President of Pawtucket Brewery
  • Acting CEO of Pawtucket Brewery in "Trading Places" and "Thanksgiving"
  • Policeman in "Barely Legal"
  • Deputy Chief of Police in "Burning Down the Bayit"
Voiced by

Seth MacFarlane


Guest (4 & 5), Recurring (9-)


Family GuyEdit

  • 413 "Jungle Love"
  • 508 "Barely Legal"
  • 512 "Airport '07"
  • 603 "Believe It or Not, Joe Walking on Air" (mentioned)
  • 904 "Halloween on Spoon Street"
  • 905 "Baby, You Knock Me Out" (heard)
  • 913 "Trading Places"
  • 917 "Foreign Affairs" (mentioned)
  • 1001 "Lottery Fever"
  • 1006 "Thanksgiving"
  • 1012 "Livin' on a Prayer" (mentioned)
  • 1015 "Burning Down the Bayit"
  • 1018 "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter"
  • 1101 "Into Fat Air"
  • 1139 "YO BABY!"

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