Hot Meg
Hot Meg
Hot Megan

Megan "Meg" Sophia Griffin, also known as Hot Meg, is an alternate dimension version of Meg Griffin. Basically, she's a hot version of Meg. She comes from a dimension where Christianity never existed.


In a dimension where technology was more advanced, the invention of DNA modification was invented in 1932. An invention that would be able to change the DNA in one's body and also give them the ability of selective genetic traits to pass down to their biological children. The Pewterschmidt family was obviously able to afford this and applied it to themselves, making it so that they, and every member of their future family would be extremely sexually appealing. Lois married Peter and allowed him to use it too, so all of their kids were extremely sexually attractive, including Meg. Unlike her counterpart, this version of Meg was actually given a real full name, Megan Sophia Griffin. However, in comparison to the other members of the family, Meg is still regarded as one of the ugly ones by this dimension's standards. She isn't as harshly abused in this dimension as the original Meg is here, but she is definitely shunned from Hot Connie D'amico's group of friends, and only interacts with people as ugly as her, which are also some pretty smokin' hot people.