Carol West
Carol Pewterschmidt

Carol West (nee Pewterschmidt) is the sister of Lois and Patrick Pewterschmidt, and the youngest child of the family. She is the daughter of Carter and Babs Pewterschmidt. She has had 10 husbands throughout her life, and each marriage she has rushed into and gone through a depressing divorce, after a short amount of time. She is currently married to Adam West, and it's pretty safe to say that this marriage is official. She has been married to him for 7 years, and has already had a child with him, and there has been no signs of arguments or troubles in their marriage, ever since.


Carol made her first on-screen appearance in "Emission Impossible". In this episode, Lois and Peter Griffin take a trip to her house because her eighth husband, Ted, left her while she was pregnant with their son, Canon, who she gives birth to later on in this episode.

In the episode Brothers and Sisters, she and Mayor Adam West fall in love with each other and get married. Adam becomes her final husband and the only one who stayed with her.


  • Evan Johnson
  • Randall Carrington
  • Tyrone Stone
  • Doggy Daddy O'Craggity
  • Mr. Canseco
  • Mr. Steinholtz
  • Mr. Washington
  • Ted Proudfoot
  • Mr. Fong
  • Adam West

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