Bruce is a man in Quahog, known for his many jobs. Every day, he gets hired and fired again, only to go and find another new job. He is currently dating a man named Jeffrey.


Bruce first appeared in "Do and Die", as Mayor West's assistant. He got fired, upon Adam's winning of the election, for eating all of the peppermints in the yummy dish.

He worked at the costume shop in Chitty Chitty Death Bang.

He helped Peter with being fired in Employee for Fire and he had a major role.

He did more getting fired in The Fat Man and The Sea, having another major role.

He first met Jeffrey in Peter the Cheater and started dating him.

He and Jeffrey had another major role in Mo' Jobs.

He worked as a director in Meg the Movie Star.

He worked at the school board in No Chris Left Behind and his name was finally revealed. He then went on a tangent, babbling about his stupid date with Jeffrey.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • It has been hinted that he may be homosexual throughout the series, such as in "McStroke" when a mustachioed Peter walks by. He has a friend named Jeffrey and in "Road to the North Pole", he declares in "All I Really Want For Christmas" that he wants to marry Jeffrey. Seth MacFarlane confirmed Bruce's homosexuality in an interview with LGBT website The Backlot, citing him as an example of a positive gay character on the show.
  • By long unnoticed accident, Bruce's name failed to come up at any time for the first five seasons of the show, despite him being a major character. Many fans went rampant about this and the writers finally noticed this durng the production of season 6 and finally revealed his name in "No Chris Left Behind". Principal Shepherd said his name, and Bruce happily celebrated someone finally saying his name.
    • In the The Cleveland Show episode "BFFs", Peter described Bruce as "That one gay guy in town who has like a thousand jobs" and Cleveland reminded him "It was mentioned once his name was Bruce.", taking another jab as this funny phenomenon.
  • Throughout the series, Mike Henry has given certain anthropomorphic creatures the same voice as he's given Bruce, droning through a monologue, where he hilariously talks in his funny Bruce voice. This includes Jaws from Brian Griffin's House of Payne, Xenomorph in Peter's Daughter, a bee in It Takes a Villaige Idiot, and I Married One, and a mutant rat in Family Gay.
  • He is an alcoholic, participating in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings Peter attends in "Friends of Peter G".
  • Bruce is admits he's 52 in "Underage Peter", after having long-lied to Jeffrey, saying that he was 39.
  • In the courtroom scene in "The Simpsons Guy", the openly gay Bruce is seated next to the closeted gay Waylon Smithers.