Name First appearance Last appearance
Stwie Road to First episode ???
Brian Road to first episode ???
Quagmire Road to boston ???


Name Bio
Stewie Stewie is a evil genius baby who has adventure with the griffin dog Brian, They go to places unknown to there experience
Brian brian is the dog of the griffin family, He wrote a book called "Wish it, want it, do it" And is 8 years old (Probably 42 in my experience of human years)
Peter The man of the griffin family who lives for TV & Beer
Lois The mother of the griffin family cleans almost everything
Chris The son of the griffin family... I don't know what to say else
Meg Shut up Meg


Season List of episodes Total
Season 1 7 7
Season 2 13 20
Season 3 26 46
Season 4 24 70
Season 5 20 90
Season 6 10 100
Season 7 18 118


Season 1Edit

Title Release date Rating
Road to first episode May 1 TV-14-LV
Road to prison May 8 TV-MA-LVS
Road to Boston May 15 TV-14-LVSD
Road to pLace May 22 TV-14-SD
Road to war May 29 TV-14-V
Road to John. F Kennedy June 5 TV-MA
Road to New York June 12 TV-14-LV

Season 2Edit

Title Release date Rating
Road to NASA October 2 TV-14
Road to Iraq Part 1 October 9 TV-MA-V
Road to Iraq Part 2 October 16 TV-MA-V
Road to Fire department October 23 TV-PG-LVSD
Road to Death (Halloween special) October 30 TV-14
Road to Pawtucket November 6 TV-14-V
Road to B.C. November 13 TV-14-LV
Road to turkey (Thanksgiving special) November 20 TV-14-V
Road to Bird is the word December 4 TV-PG-LV
Road to Gigity December 11 TV-MA-S
Road to Mall (Christmas special) December 18 TV-PG
Road to Fireworks (New year) Janurary 1 TV-14
road to Communist Janurary 8 TV-MA-LV

Season 3Edit

Title Release date Rating
Road to Opie (The Opie show crossover) January 14 TV-14-LVSD
Road to sea January 21 TV-MA
Road to hell/Heaven January 28 TV-14-LVSD
Road to Dinosaurs February 5 TV-PG
Road to Money February 12 TV-14-LVSD
Road to Jersey shore February 19 TV-MA-LSD
Road to Hollywood (Up late with greases up deaf guy crossover) February 26 TV-PG-L
Road to Quagmire knock-off (Pt. 1) February 5 TV-MA-VSD
Road to Sonja (Pt. 2) February 12 TV-MA-VSD
Road to mr. Rogers February 19 TV-PG
Road to fargus February 26 TV-14-L
road to Channel 5 april 2 TV-14-LVSD
Road to Sictom April 9 TV-MA-LS
Road to School board April 16 TV-PG-LSD
Road to Gay Niggers from Outer Space April 20
Road to CWCVille April 27
Road to Zion May 1
Road to Stormfront May 7
Road to Tumblr May 14
Road to Palestine (part 1) May 21
Road to Israel (part 2) May 28

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